Who We Are

Founded in 1998 by J. Christopher Flowers, J.C. Flowers & Co. (JCF) is led by an experienced team of senior professionals noted for their financial services expertise, extensive global network of CEO and board-level relationships and ability to execute complex transactions in the dynamic and highly regulated financial services sector. Since inception, the Firm has invested nearly $15 billion, including co-investment, in 51 portfolio companies across 17 countries.

JCF is a leader in financial services investing and has a differentiated investment strategy. We seek to capitalize on market inefficiencies due to regulatory change and asset complexity. Leveraging decades of combined investment expertise, our teams identify and structure investments that we believe have inherent deep value and will benefit from our firm’s extensive operating expertise in the financial services sector. Our teams in New York and London drive value in our portfolio companies through operational transformation and balance sheet optimization.

Key Milestones

1998 Firm established by J. Christopher Flowers
2002 JCF Fund I initial close in April 2002;
Final close of $901 million in capital commitments
2004 London office established
2006 JCF Fund II initial close in June 2006;
Final close of $7.0 billion in capital commitments
2008 JCF Fund III initial close in September 2008;
Final close of $2.3 billion in capital commitments


JCF targets investment across all sub-sectors of the financial services industry. Approximately 60% of our deals have been sourced on a proprietary basis via our global network.

Our firm has been approved to invest in financial services companies in 15 jurisdictions and has experience navigating the complexities of the global regulatory landscape.

We invest in both more regulated, capital intensive businesses and capital-light, service-oriented businesses:

Who We Are